Friday, 28 June 2013

Food Review: Peasant Cookery

Peasant Cookery

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283 Bannatyne Ave

                I have been eyeing this place for a while. But I knew I had to go when I heard from my in-laws that it was a very nice place to eat. They were right. The bar at the peasant cookery is across the hall from the dining area and I would recommend it over the regular eating space. It is much cosier and the fireplace in the corner makes the place feel very comfortable. It is also a pleasure to watch the bartenders mixing drinks and chatting to people.
                I am always a sucker for specials and when I heard the special was Panzanella (a favourite salad of mine) we had to order it. We ordered:
-French onion soup
-2 drinks (old fashioned, ginger pear)

The French onion soup was great and the gnocchi was fabulous. We found the panzanella was nothing special, but the drinks made up for that. We also have good service and the bartender was patient while we tried to figure out what cocktails we wanted.
                We expected that to portions would be small and more costly than the places we usually eat. This was true, but we both agreed that the food was worth the price we paid for it. However, I was unusually hungry that day and so I was peckish again before we got home. I call this type of portioning the just right portion. It is the size of helping that we should all be eating to prevent us from getting overweight. At the end of the meal you don’t feel full but you also aren’t stuffed. When I find that I have the self-restraint to limit myself to a just right portion it feels rewarding. But my love of eating is a hard thing to combat.
                Anyway, I would definitely go here again. I would also invite friends to come, especially if there was a concert in the area. It is the perfect place to eat out if you are in the exchange, and it would be a nice place to bring someone on a date. In other words: good food and good drinks.

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