Friday, 14 June 2013

Food Review: Taco Del Mar (Portage Ave)

Taco Del Mar (West end)
1132 Portage Ave

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                I had almost no time to eat dinner and I was in the Wolseley area. Fairly clueless about where to eat in the central part of Wolseley I consulted my handy-dandy urbanspoon app. It told me (Bless its heart) that Taco Del Mar was close by.  I had no idea what that was so I came to the place with no preconceptions. When I discovered it was attached to the subway I was wary. When I saw that the place had institutional-feeling beach decor I was even more hesitant. I had stepped into places that looked like this when I was travelling in Hawaii and was rarely impressed.
                As it turns out Taco Del Mar is owned by subway (explaining why they can share a common bathroom at this location). I know subway pretty well and I am familiar with navigating their endless list of options. Here I had no such luck. I ended up having no idea what I could order or how much it would cost. So I asked the person (the burrito artist?) who was serving me and he politely listed the toppings and stuff and told me I would get extra beans and rice as well as complimentary sour cream and guacamole because I am vegetarian. While I was pleased with the gesture I am also sad that guacamole and sour cream wouldn’t automatically come with the meal. However, no automatic guacamole and sour cream is common practice so I have resigned myself to it.
                I ordered:
  •   1 vegetarian mondo burrito with: Guacamole, Rice, Black Beans, Sour Cream, Cheese, something whose name I couldn’t make out but looked like antipasto, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, medium salsa.

It was a good burrito, but not special. You can get a similar one at pretty much any place that makes burritos. It was about the amount of money I would expect to pay for the amount of food I got. Overall it was fine but nothing special. The thing that did awe me was the device they used to moisten the tortilla shell when the first started the burrito crafting process. It was a sort of steam heated press which they could put the shell in and it heated it, moistened it, and grilled it all at the same time. It was a really cool thing! I also like the aluminium foil that they used to wrap the burrito in. It made it very easy to eat it while holding in the juices.
Would I go there with friends? Probably not. Would I go there for lunch in-between meetings with clients? Definitely. 

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