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Food Review: Li’L Viking Lounge & Harbour Dock Café

Li’L Viking Lounge & Harbour Dock Café
Gull Harbour Marina 
Hecla Island, MB 

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I was going through my 'posts not posted' folder and found a few reviews from the summer that I never got around to posting. This place is probably closed for the season, but it will be open next spring.

This is pretty much your choice of dining out in Hecla Island Manitoba. The restaurant is located inside the main floor of the old fishery and oozes with the old Manitoba tradition of screened in patios. The place is clean and the view of the harbour is quite scenic as the sun goes down. The task of trying to keep a restaurant open seasonally in a less frequented part of the province means that the food is more expensive than in the city.

The restaurant attracts a variety of clientèle from sports fishermen to elderly vacationers to families, and as a result they have a standard beer menu and a fabulous array or locally made deserts. They make cinnamon buns in-house, and I am told that they disappear within hours of their creation. They also make brownies and some other lighter squares. However, the big selling point is the pickerel. It is obvious that their other menu items play a secondary role to their locally caught fish. I don’t usually order it, but my family always does.

I have ordered:
-          Nachos
-          Coconut Cream pie
-          Greek Salad
-          Caesar Salad   
-          Pizza
-          French Fries

Most of the food is made well and will appeal to your fast-food/pub food cravings. The coconut cream pie is very good. It is really nice the French fries are not greasy. The fish and chips (I am told) are moist, flavourful, and well battered. If you are staying at the lighthouse inn or the resort and you want to spend the evening looking at the sunset over the lake, this is the place to be.

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