Sunday, 17 November 2013

Food Review: Bard & Banker Pub

Bard & Banker Pub

1022 Government St
Victoria, BC

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This is one of the prettiest pubs I’ve ever been to. It is located in a historic bank building. Stepping in, I felt transported into an imaginary UK where everyone drinks in grand halls adorned with brass and built of dark wood. The illusion was maintained when I saw the beer menu, which was impressive and included a great selection on tap.  I was seated promptly and the service was good.

I ordered the house made veggie burger

I thought that the veggie burger was entirely forgettable.  I asked my friends how they thought the food was and they agreed with me. This place is a pub first and a restaurant second and it would do you well to keep that in mind. Overall, it was a great place to have visited because of the beer selection and the beautiful architecture but you should come here to drink not to eat.

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